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Chi Omegas at Alabama are proud to be involved in a variety of organizations as well as acquiring a number of prestigious internships and jobs. Read from our members below about how Chi Omega has supported their endeavors.

"There is no better support system than a Chi Omega woman. From being the biggest cheerleaders in success, to the greatest comforts in the face of failure, I know that I would not be where I am today without my sisters around me. Since I stepped foot on campus, these women have pushed me outside of my comfort zone, helped me in preparation for countless interviews and applications, and have stood by my side no matter how my trajectory may have change. As an upperclassman, I can only hope to embody and continue the same camaraderie that was so consistently shown to me."


Trinity Hunter

Chairperson of the Blackburn Institute

Press Secretary of the Student Government Association


Madi Boudreaux

Co-Director of the Morale Committee for the University of Alabama's Dance Marathon

"This summer, I spent two months working for my congressman in the House of Representatives in Washington, DC. Since my freshman year, I have watched incredible Chi Omega women work in DC, and their support during my application process and internship was invaluable. Whether it was a mock interview, essay proofread, or networking coffee date, a Chi O active member or alumna helped ensure that I was as successful as possible. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without the love and guidance of my sisters in Chi Omega!"

"Thanks to Chi O’s Taste of the Town (involvement showcase to new members by active members), I was introduced to the campus organization that means the most to me - UA Dance Marathon! As a freshman, listening to the older girls talk about the mission of UADM to raise awareness of and fundraise for Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham made me so excited to get involved as a pre-medical student who dreamed of working with kids or babies. Now, I’m a junior and an Assistant Director of the Morale Committee of UADM, and I’ve enjoyed participating in UADM all throughout college. I can always count on my sisters in Chi O to donate to me on push days, hype me up when showing them the line dance, and encourage me in my work with UADM!"


Callen Woodard

Legislative Intern in Washington D.C.

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Madeline Martin

President of the Student Government Association

"As President of the Student Government Association, my goals this year are to strengthen our campus efforts toward intentional connection, deliberate outreach, inclusive and equitable diversity, and focused professional and academic development. 


As Chi Omega sisters, we forge new legends on campus and pursue exceptional opportunities. We are ever mindful of our personal responsibilities to ensure that every person, every opinion is recognized. Nu Beta allows me to collaborate with women who inspire and challenge each other in achieving our personal goals. Chi Omega is more than an emblem of excellence. Nu Beta is the heart of friendship, high standards of personnel, scholarship, participation in campus activities, career development, and community service. We share the bonds of intellect, integrity, and individualism as we develop friendships that will last a lifetime. I treasure the memories that have shaped my growth to be the leader I am today."

"Going through recruitment, I knew I wanted to join a sisterhood that was going to support me in all my endeavors throughout college. I’ve always been an ambitious person, so when I went to Chi O for the first time, I didn’t even have to try and find the older girls I wanted to be like when I got older. I saw first-hand that Chi O is a sorority full of girls who are driven, successful, supportive, and ultimately change-makers across campus. The best thing about it was their encouragement and belief that I, too, could one day do those things. Generationally, Chi O’s are successful because we have the drive to want to see our sisters succeed for years to come."


Ibby Dickson

Vice President of Operations of Capstone Men and Women

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