Recruitment Chairs: Annie Hardin and Sydney Dargie
RIF Chair: AnnAdair Blackledge
RIF Committee: Louise Knight and Mary Caitlyn Williams
Logistics Chair: Emerson Barlow
Logistics Committee: Jamie Saylors and Gracie Corcoran

A Letter from the Recruitment Chairs

Dear Potential New Members, 


Together we are incredibly grateful and honored to be serving as Chi Omega Nu Beta’s 2021 Recruitment Chairs. We are beyond excited for recruitment, but more importantly, meeting each and every one of you as we welcome you into the doors of Chi Omega. Along with the recruitment team, we are responsible for teaching chapter members everything they need to know about recruitment, working with Panhellenic Directors of Recruitment, as well as making you all feel most comfortable arriving on campus as you choose your home away from home. 


Recruitment can be a nerve-racking and overwhelming experience. We know you probably have quite a bit of uncertainty as you enter this new chapter of your life and perhaps what it means to join a sorority. As Recruitment Chairs, we want you to know that Chi Omega wants members for their unique self. Each member of Nu Beta has something different to bring, but together we form the most genuine, authentic, loving, well-rounded, and supportive sisterhood. Whether you may be feeling uneasy and nervous, or eager and thrilled about this process, we want you to see what Chi Omega has to offer and what it represents. We want you to feel uplifted and supported as you look for a place to call home, and we cannot wait to get to know each of you as you go through this lifechanging process. 


We are honored to serve as the Recruitment Chairs for this year and are excited to show you, along with so many others, why we love Chi Omega. This organization encourages scholarship, leadership, and philanthropy. This organization of women offers each of us an opportunity to grow and form lifelong friendships. Throughout the recruitment process, it is our hope that you see the genuine love that surrounds this house. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you! Choose Wisely!



Annie Hardin and Sydney Dargie 



The Nu Beta chapter of Chi Omega prefers ONLINE (RIFs) RECOMMENDATIONS.

Step 1: To submit an online recommendation go to: https://everyday.chiomega.com

Step 2: Log In with your Username and Password (If you have forgotten this information or you do not have a Username, call the Chi O National Headquarters (901) 748-8600 and they will be happy to assist you.

Step 3: Click Submit Online Recruitment Information Form (RIF).

The website will explain each step to help you successfully complete your PNM's “RIF” form. When you have completed filling out the form, click submit. The RIF is automatically sent to the PNM's Hometown Area RIF Information Chair (ARIC) and then immediately sent to the Nu Beta Recommendation Advisor/Recruitment Advisor and Recruitment Chairs.

The Nu Beta Chapter of Chi Omega prefers online recommendations but will accept handwritten recommendations. Please mail to:

Lynn Anderson 

40 The Highlands

Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Letters of Support:

All letters of support must be emailed to chiomegarif@gmail.com

We start accepting recommendations and letters January 20th, 2021

Due to the thousands of girls going through recruitment at the University of Alabama, we will NOT ACCEPT a RIF (recommendation) or letter of support after July 12th, 2021


meet our new member educators

Dear Potential New Members,


We cannot wait for all of you to finally enter the new and exciting season of life that is college and going through the recruitment process! Although recruitment can be a challenging time and an exhausting few days, it will only be a distant memory once you have found your place here on campus. Every chapter here is full of incredible women, and the chance to connect with so many of them is such a worthwhile experience, no matter where you land.


To those of you who will be throwing XO on bid day, we are so honored to be able to serve as your New Member Educators this year! We want to make sure each and every one of you has the best college experience possible. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to walk with and guide you through your freshman year, and we promise to be there for you every step of the way. We cannot wait to meet you, and your Mama Hoots love you already! 



Catherine and Caroline